The Best Forex Rebate Program &8211; 2017

Forex market is overloaded with hundreds of different bonus offers. For this reason, it can be very hard to find suitable offer in the market. We conducted research of our own and compared bonus offers of the popular brokers, so that you don&8217;t have to waste hours of your time on finding good offer or trying to understand complicated terms and conditions.

Comparison of &8220;Rebate Programs&8221; 2017

Here are some criteria we used for broker comparing: bonus amount, type of the bonus and participation requirements. In the review you will find more than one offer from one broker, as they seem interesting for comparing. If you want to find out who offers the best bonuses on Forex, please continue reading.

1. FreshForex bonuses

Megarebate 2.0: FreshForex offers spread rebate up to $20 depending on the type of trade. Bonus schemes are the following: $20 is credited for each lot of loss trade, $10 is credited for each lot of profit trade and $5 is credited for each lot of all closed trades. These schemes cannot be used together at the same time, a trader can choose only one of them, however, if you want to you may switch between schemes once a week. Moreover, there are no minimum required number of lots you need to complete. Maximum total bonus amount is not limited. Bonus funds are tradable and withdrawable.

Tradable Bonus 101%: the broker also offers deposit bonus that can be used every time trader funds account. The client needs to deposit $100 or larger amount to get 101% of deposit amount as an additional bonus. Bonus funds are tradable and can be used during drawdown. The maximum total bonus amount is $5000 per one trading account. Profit that is gained with the help of bonus funds is available for withdrawal.

48% per Annum: the bonus amount depends on Equity of the trading account. It is an interest rate charged on free funds of the account. Bonus is credited on a weekly basis, the bigger turnover you make, the higher you bonus is. Maximum bonus amount of 48% is credited when the client completes more than 50 lots, minimum bonus of 3% is credited when client completes at least 0.05 lots. Bonus funds are tradable and withdrawable. FreshForex Website

2. Forex4you Bonus

Up to 25% on deposit by Forex4you. According to the bonus rules, Forex4you can get back up to 17.5% of the spread provided that you fund the account and reach required turnover on the account. We won&8217;t put any amounts there, as bonus amount depends on many things and is calculated using the scheme on company&8217;s website. Forex4you website

3. Roboforex Bonuses

Rebates (Cashback): Roboforex offers spread rebate from 5% to 15% per lot. 10 completed lots or more stand for 5%, if the client wants to get the maximum amount of 15% he/she needs to complete 3000 lots or more. Closed positions for all trading instruments are taking into account when crediting bonus, except for CFD instruments, BTCUSD and ETHUSD included. It is also worth to mention that credited funds are tradable and withdrawable.

Tradable Protection: another bonus offer by Roboforex is deposit bonus. The client deposits up to $300 and gets 25%, or the client deposits more than $300 and gets 50% of deposit amount as additional bonus funds. Bonus funds can be used as extra protection of deposit when the market behaves unexpectedly. Maximum total bonus amount is $3000 per one trading account. Profit that is gained with the help of bonus funds is available for withdrawal. Roboforex website

4. Iron FX Bonus

According to Cash Rebate rules maximum bonus amount is $3. To get maximum bonus account holder needs to trade over 500 round turn lots. However, even if trader completes one lot he/she gets $2 of cash rebate. Please note, that not all the accounts of the company are eligible for this bonus, plus bonus is credited not for all the trading instruments. Maximum total bonus amount is $3000.  Note: we do not recommend you open account with IronFX. (scam broker)

5. Alpari Bonus

Spread refund up to 25%. Using this Alpari&8217;s offer client can get up to 25% of your spread costs back. Maximum total bonus amount is $800 per month. Alpari website

6. Liteforex Bonus

Up to 35% spread rebate for VIP Club. Liteforex offers its Rebate service only to VIP Club members, the size of spread rebate depends on club status: from 0.3 to 0.7 pips per lot. In order to apply for participation the client needs to deposit $500 or large amount. After that he/she gets promo-code for Rebate service activation, which is valid for 30 days. Bonus funds may be used in trading or withdrawn from the account. LiteForex website

7. FBS Bonus

On the bonus page it is indicated that maximum cashback amount is $15 per lot, however, trader can only get maximum bonus for trading XAGUSD (lot size is $5000) on Micro Account. Let&8217;s say we want rebate for the most popular trading instrument EURUSD (lot size is EUR100000), we trade this instrument on Standard Company&8217;s account and get $2 of rebate per lot. We would like also to mention that full terms and conditions of CashBack are available for review only to the registered clients. FBS website


In our view, from all the brokers FreshForex is the most eligible candidate for the Best Rebate Bonus Program Award (2017), as it offers profitable bonuses with minimum restrictions. Plus, often bonus funds are 100% withdrawable. If you have some doubts you can make calculations and see for yourselves that FreshForex offers compare favorably with the above mentioned offers of the competitors. Another point in favor of FreshForex: it charges no commission for deposits by any available methods.

Winner &8211; &8220;FreshForex&8221;

(go to FreshForex website)

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